Friday, October 23, 2009


My boy, my punk, my bud, my little man (who is now looking at me eye to eye) . . . Sammy have you met him. . . .

This is Sammy, showing off his busted knuckles from hitting the heavy bag one night last week so hard that . . . duh. . .he busted open his knuckles and our cream colored heavy bag now has a lovely accent of blood spots all over it !!!
Anyways, that is not the point today. . . the point is. . . MY BOY MAKES ME LAUGH !!! Is that so wrong . . . is it wrong that what I was laughing about is SSSOOOO wrong on so many levels !! Is it wrong that I said "dude, if you ever do that and get busted, it is fine with me !"
Ok so the story goes - names have been changed to protect the innocent . . .
Driving to school this morning a boy named . . .um . . . Scot . . . was riding in his mothers car . . um . . .Tina. Tina asked young Scot how was yesterdays swim practice. Scot proceeds to say yes I worked hard, yes I tried, yes I lead the lane, but when the head coach . . .um . . . Miguel . . . left, the other coach . . . um. . . Josie . . .took over. Well Mom, Scot proceeds, I had to pee. Tina asks, well did you ask to go? Yes Scot said, and crazy Josie wouldn't let me go!!! (Tina doesn't like that answer much because if you gotta pee, you gotta pee, and you certainly are not going to swim fast if you have to pee. And Scot has this phobia and will not pee in the pool (like we have all done one time or another) - but anyways I digress). So Tina continued . . what did you do ??? Scot - - "I got mad !!" Typical Scot, if Josie or Miguel makes him mad, he shuts down and you have lost him fo the rest of practice. So Scot continues. . . I was at the end of the lane, fixing my swim cap, and Josie comes over and yells - - WHAT ARE YOU DOING SCOT ?!!???!!! Tina now will quote Scot "Mom, I really thought twice about it, and I thought better of it, but man I wanted to say 'PEEING IN THE POOL' !!! " But I said fixing my cap, Josie yelled at me and kicked me out of the last 5 minutes of practice !!!
My husband is a smart ass, but Sammy - - oh boy, he takes the one liner cake !!! I am not kidding, I was laughing my ass off. And I said to him, that is good Sam, I am glad you thought better of it and I continued to laugh until tears formed . . . Abby, Sammy and I were howling. . then we stopped at a red light, I looked at him and said - - "dude, if you ever do that and get busted, it is fine with me !"
Is that so wrong????????
Life is good . . . . .

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Carol (never anonymous) Lelles said...

Only Mamma Bears can attack our young - That includes laughing when you know you should be grounding - but the crap is so stupid you cannot help yourself.