Monday, October 5, 2009

Great Swimming Weekend !!!
A swim meet could have not come at a better time for the Sauerbrei Family !! I have been super busy with Budget 2010 at work, kids have been restless with school and more importantly, they have been tired of Saturday Practices !!!
So we had a three day meet in Downtown Vegas !! Not the best location in the world, but very nice grass area to sit with swim families and enjoy the 100 degree weekend weather !!! I think the social aspect is so wonderful . . . not for the kids. . . for the parents !!!
My kids came to race - - that is how I will sum it up !! Both Sammy and Abby had outstanding times, outstanding efforts, and really just enjoyed themselves !!!
I had one of their coaches tell me today. . . . the proof is in the workout. . .the harder they work, the more time they will drop !!! Sometimes it is hard to get kids to understand this, but sometimes, it takes a meet like this to prove the point !!
Sammy tied for High Point ages 11-12 !!!

The Head Coach, Mike Polk, was very pleased with my knucklehead because just the week before, he kicked him out of practice for not listening and goofing around !!!

This makes three high point awards in a row for Sammy at this swimimng pool !!! We don't know why he goes fast here, maybe it is comfort, may the water is "fast", maybe it is the time of year. . . who knows, but he goes fast !!!
I only want to share one thing. . . . the 2009 Nevada State Championship Swim Meet . . ..


Abby got 4th in her 10 & Under age group and I couldn't have been more proud !! I literally only took aobut 5 photos all weekend, but she had big smiles on her face !!!
Way to go kids !!!

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