Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cancer SUX !!!

Yep, that is the title . . . The story behind it. . . well, my family, both immediate and extended has been pretty blessed to only be affected by cancer twice. . . now those two people would say they were not blessed, but overall, cancer does not run in our family. So at times, it is hard to imagine what families go through with cancer . . . . Enter SUX. . . a little boy named Brandon was befriended by the radio station that me and my kids listen. He had cancer. . . he was a fighter. . . he was a personality larger than life. . . he wrote on his sisters back these words CANCER SUX . . just like any 10 year old would do. . . . I was touched by his story. . . so much so that I cried a heavy tear when I heard he lost his battle . . . I felt like I new a little piece of him and I was sad.

Enter Danny Gans. . . Las Vegas local headline entertainer . . . man of many voice AND a true giver to the children of our community !! Danny Gans did a 5k run to raise money for the NV Childhood Cancer Foundation which gives money to families whose children are fighting cancer. Last year, the swim team ran as Team Alexis, in honor of a team member Alexis Grothe, who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer 3 days before leaving for college on a swimming scholarship - - makes you realize swimming is such a small part of the big picture !!!! This year, it was the Danny Gans Memorial Run. . . and my kids wanted to run. . . they wanted to raise money. . .it was the least they could do being healthy, active kids !!!

Now. . . in enters mom - - whose cameras battery died as we exited the car !!! Yep, so these photos are from the Blackberry . . .not great quality. . . but will work !! Plus my friend Gini was there with her fabulous camera snapping away . . . those are the good ones !!!

So here is the start outside of Green Valley Ranch Casino. . . they ran around the outside of their property. . . safe. . . which is nice !!! Sam has REALLY grown and looks me eye to eye . . just to give you all visuals !!!

Abby taking off. . . she is in white shirt, black and white shorts !! She looked strong and loves to run !!! Sammy is right behind Abby's head . . .

Sammy rounding the corner at the end . . probably mile 3 right now. . . he looks good. . . he looks strong. .. he looks tired . . . .
The thing with Sammy is we can ALWAYS tell when he is working hard. . . the red face gives it away everytime !!!

He finished in just over 26 minutes !!

Abby finishing up the course !! She looked great and finished in just under 30 minutes !!!

Turning the corner, heading for home. . . . she was just looking down the whole time !!!

At the awards, Abby ended up getting 4th in her age group. . . I went up to get her medal and they said where is Abby. . . I said "in the water at swim practice" . . . the whole placed just laughed and the announcer said what else are you gonna have her do today mom, build a house !!! Sammy got 6th, 16 seconds out of medal contention !!! Every second counts. . . .

I am so very proud of my kids. . . . I told them both I would run it with them next year !!! Supporting those who are dealing with a difficult situation and fighting to be Champions for Life !!! Thank you Danny Gans - we miss you . . . And Brandon, you are in my thoughts !!!!

Life is Good. . . .

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Gini said...

Hey....nice photos!!!

I love doing stuff like this together, don't you???

Life is good. Friendship makes is good!!