Friday, October 2, 2009

7 Things About Today . . .

I haven't updated this page in so long (thanks for reminding me Shannon everytime I see you), and that bothers me !! I love this kind of silly stuff, bragging about my kids, taking great photos of my kids, and sharing with friends and family !! I got in trouble at home for spending too much time on the computer so I backed away for awhile. . . I am making this promise to myself. . . I am going to make it work somehow, I am going to BLOG !!!! It makes me HAPPY !!!

Anyways - so I am going to start by sharing something I saw on a blog that was was cruising by. . . called THE 7 THINGS. . . here it goes. . .

7 Material Things I want to do in my lifetime. . .
1. Swim with the dolphins - - checked off, three summers ago in Hawaii
2. Go to Australia / New Zealand
3. Travel the USA in a decked out motorhome (retirement - ha, whenever that may be)
4. Go on an Alaskan Cruise
5. Cruise the Greek Islands
6. Go to an Olympic Events - either Winter (skiing) or Summer (swimming)
7. Own a convertible

7 Things I do daily. . .
1. Smile
2. Hug my kids
3. Curse like a truck driver
4. Think about friends and family
5. Annoy my husband
6. Be honest
7. Be anxious

7 Things I don't want to be doing now . . .
1. Gaining weight
2. Being sad for a friend
3. Working long hours
4. Being grumpy at home
5. Being conflicted about my volunteering
6. Stressing about my filthy my house is and not wanting to clean it
7. Paying a $500k mortgage on a house worth $250k !!!! And in 30 years, still owing $350k !!!

7 Celebrity Crushes . . . .
1. Matthew McConaughey
2. Lance Armstrong
3. Ryan Lochte
4. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
5. Simon Baker
6. Tony Stewart
7. Patrick Dempsey

7 Things I can't do . . .
1. Cook good - - although I try
2. Bake good - - although I try
3. Keep a clean house
4. Stop worrying about my son . . for various reasons
5. Stop over-extending myself
6. Figure out why people throw their cigerettes out the car window
7. Change the world. . . but I can tackle this list.

7 Things I want to be remembered as. . . .
1. A caring, dedicated, honest, helpful mommy
2. A caring, dedicated, honest, helpful wife
3. A caring, dedicated, honest, helpful friend
4. A caring, dedicated, honest, helpful mommy
5. A caring, dedicated, honest, helpful wife
6. A caring, dedicated, honest, helpful friend
7. Repeat the above 6 1,000 times because that is all that matters !!!

Love to all of you !!!! me


Anonymous said...

Love this post... I had to laugh at seeing some of my own thoughts in those lists

Anonymous said...

So i logged on today - the 22nd - and a big smile came across my face! You updated - and then I was like oh my goodness I have missed so much!!! Thank you for getting back on :) Sorry Tom!! Now to get caught back up....