Friday, October 26, 2007


Welcome to the world of Sauerbrei's !!! I have recently decided to slow down a little bit on life, stop, smell the roses (yucca trees, rage weed, whatever), enjoy life a little bit more, and keep in touch with friends and family !!! I am happiest when I scrapbook, photoshop, etc, and this is a wonderful way for me to do that while keeping in touch with friends and family that are dear to me !! And there are many of you out there !!! Even if you only check it out once in awhile, you will get the kids updates, quick photos and daily stories that make us THE SAUERBREI's !!

So here we go . . enjoy, comment, laugh, cry, do whatever you want to do !!! Tonight - explanation of the title . . . . TRI as a family !! About 2 - 3 years ago, Sammy entered his first triathlon !!! Crazy, he is only 10 and have done TRI's for almost 3 years. I stood there watching all these kids busting their little butts swimming, biking and running and as corney as it sounds, tears came to my eyes and I told Tom, this is the group for me !! After years of soccer, t-ball, and baseball, I was never so impressed by the parents and supporters of these kids !! The atmosphere was amazing, parents cheering for kids they didn't even know, strangers asking about your kid and sincerely listening to your answer !! I was hooked !! Tom was hooked !! Sammy did great and was hooked !!! Abby - - well you all know, she is Abby, just she was hooked !!!