Friday, October 23, 2009


My boy, my punk, my bud, my little man (who is now looking at me eye to eye) . . . Sammy have you met him. . . .

This is Sammy, showing off his busted knuckles from hitting the heavy bag one night last week so hard that . . . duh. . .he busted open his knuckles and our cream colored heavy bag now has a lovely accent of blood spots all over it !!!
Anyways, that is not the point today. . . the point is. . . MY BOY MAKES ME LAUGH !!! Is that so wrong . . . is it wrong that what I was laughing about is SSSOOOO wrong on so many levels !! Is it wrong that I said "dude, if you ever do that and get busted, it is fine with me !"
Ok so the story goes - names have been changed to protect the innocent . . .
Driving to school this morning a boy named . . .um . . . Scot . . . was riding in his mothers car . . um . . .Tina. Tina asked young Scot how was yesterdays swim practice. Scot proceeds to say yes I worked hard, yes I tried, yes I lead the lane, but when the head coach . . .um . . . Miguel . . . left, the other coach . . . um. . . Josie . . .took over. Well Mom, Scot proceeds, I had to pee. Tina asks, well did you ask to go? Yes Scot said, and crazy Josie wouldn't let me go!!! (Tina doesn't like that answer much because if you gotta pee, you gotta pee, and you certainly are not going to swim fast if you have to pee. And Scot has this phobia and will not pee in the pool (like we have all done one time or another) - but anyways I digress). So Tina continued . . what did you do ??? Scot - - "I got mad !!" Typical Scot, if Josie or Miguel makes him mad, he shuts down and you have lost him fo the rest of practice. So Scot continues. . . I was at the end of the lane, fixing my swim cap, and Josie comes over and yells - - WHAT ARE YOU DOING SCOT ?!!???!!! Tina now will quote Scot "Mom, I really thought twice about it, and I thought better of it, but man I wanted to say 'PEEING IN THE POOL' !!! " But I said fixing my cap, Josie yelled at me and kicked me out of the last 5 minutes of practice !!!
My husband is a smart ass, but Sammy - - oh boy, he takes the one liner cake !!! I am not kidding, I was laughing my ass off. And I said to him, that is good Sam, I am glad you thought better of it and I continued to laugh until tears formed . . . Abby, Sammy and I were howling. . then we stopped at a red light, I looked at him and said - - "dude, if you ever do that and get busted, it is fine with me !"
Is that so wrong????????
Life is good . . . . .

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Count them with me . . 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 OMG. . I can't stop !!!

Check out the frickin' rolls on my forehead !!! What the hell are those and when did they show up !!!!

This was a photo, taken on Tom's berry . . . we were at the UNLV Runnin' Rebels First Look - - an opportunity to look at the men's basketball team for the first time !! It was a really neat event, we all wore Rebel Red. . . we cheer with the cheerleaders, we clapped with the band, we chanted Reb-els, Reb-els, and we got to see Larry Johnson, former All American at UNLV under Coach Tark and former NBA player. And I only have one thing to say . . . HE IS A BIG MAN !!!

Abby got to see Chet Buchanan from the Morning Zoo radio station which is the one we listen too. Abby got to see the UNLV dance squad - - wish she wouldn't have - - and now wants to be a showgirl, I mean dance member !!!! Sammy didn't go as he was up in Boulder City at a friends house. . . a bunch of them went to the high school football game and then just hung out at his house. He was happy, we were happy !!!

Ok. . . so now that I have told you everything about the night, let's get back to these wrinkles/rolls/waves - whatever the frick they are on my head !!!! First, I have a confussion - - as I know Tom doesn't read this - - I have had Botox twice for my "grand canyon". Those are the 11's that run in the middle of your eyes. I always knew it was time to get it because Sammy would ask me "what's wrong mommy" and I would say nothing and he would say well you are frowning. . . and I wasn't !! So I snuck, twice, and got it !! It is a little pricey, but was worth it. And I am blessed because I only needed to update every 8 months !!!

Well . . . it has been a YEAR since my last appointment !! And it is obivious it is time again !!!!

Today, as I sit here - - I have a new hairstyle . . . it is called BANGS !!! Do you think people can see the ripples on the lake through my bangs???? Bangs are cheaper than Botox - - bangs make you look younger - - RIGHT ??????????

Life is Good. . .

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dress up day !!

Today was a special day for a family friend - Sammy's buddy - Solomon Shire . . . he had his bar mitzvah this morning. My knuckleheads never get "fancy" and we are usually in shorts and t-shirts or swim suits or sweats !!! So here are some "fancy" photos of my punks. . .

They actual might like each other here !!!!

Tom told them to take a photo with mom . . . which was nice. . . . i am in 3' heals by the way . . . Sammy is catching up and FAST !!!!

On the ride over. . .don't know why I like these ones. . . I just do . . .
I wish we were not runny late and had some times to take a good photo with the good camera, but as usual we were on Sauerbrei time and were rushing all around !!! So these will have to do for now. . . .
It was a very special day for the Shire's. Lots of family, lots of friends. It was all good !!
Abby wants to go to church. . . . I need to make a better effort to take her . . . .
Life is Good . . . .

Friday, October 16, 2009


I found this photo amongst others. . . it was Christmas, and it was a treat for these two little guys to snuggle on the couch !!

Let me share. . . . .
TheY are our mutts . . . mixed breds (Labradoodles, but don't say that in front of Tom) they are half lab-poodle and half lab-poodle !!! Lab mix . . . Lab something . . just don't say poodle !!!

Buddy . . . the more yellow one on top . . that is Sammy's dog. He almost wasn't Sammy's dog as after 3 days of Buddy in the house, Sammy SWELLED up all over and was having a major allergy attack. Buddy almost was looking for a new home !! Thank goodness the allergies calmed down (well actually Sammy and Tom started allergy shots) !! Anywho, Buddy is a jewel . . loving, sweet, nervous, and PERFECT for Sammy. They bond so well, they just hang out together and they are just ONE. . . seriously, there could not have been a better dog for Sam !!! Buddy also looks more "lab" like, so I think Tom perfers him too !!!

Gunner . . .the more white one . . . oh Gunner !! He is Abigail's dog and again. . match made in heaven !!! He is high strung, hyper, active, ALWAYS has something in his mouth, and wants attention all the time !! Gunner gets the short end of the stick though, because he is always in trouble and I think Sammy . . . oh I mean Buddy. . just is laughing knowing he did all the dirty work !!! Like eating my plants, chewing my shoes, or grabbing an entire steak off the counter !!! Gunner is perfect for Abby !!!

How we got so lucky with the match. . . I don't know. . . by I saw this photo and it made me smile !! Dogs bring so much sunshine into a household. We had turtles, they didn't bring it. . . only dogs (or cats for you cat people) !!

So with that. . . I smile, and think how much my kids love their dogs, how much I loved my dogs as a kid, how thankful I am that we have them, and DAMNIT . . . STOP EATING MY PLANTS !!!

Life is Good. . . .

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cancer SUX !!!

Yep, that is the title . . . The story behind it. . . well, my family, both immediate and extended has been pretty blessed to only be affected by cancer twice. . . now those two people would say they were not blessed, but overall, cancer does not run in our family. So at times, it is hard to imagine what families go through with cancer . . . . Enter SUX. . . a little boy named Brandon was befriended by the radio station that me and my kids listen. He had cancer. . . he was a fighter. . . he was a personality larger than life. . . he wrote on his sisters back these words CANCER SUX . . just like any 10 year old would do. . . . I was touched by his story. . . so much so that I cried a heavy tear when I heard he lost his battle . . . I felt like I new a little piece of him and I was sad.

Enter Danny Gans. . . Las Vegas local headline entertainer . . . man of many voice AND a true giver to the children of our community !! Danny Gans did a 5k run to raise money for the NV Childhood Cancer Foundation which gives money to families whose children are fighting cancer. Last year, the swim team ran as Team Alexis, in honor of a team member Alexis Grothe, who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer 3 days before leaving for college on a swimming scholarship - - makes you realize swimming is such a small part of the big picture !!!! This year, it was the Danny Gans Memorial Run. . . and my kids wanted to run. . . they wanted to raise money. . .it was the least they could do being healthy, active kids !!!

Now. . . in enters mom - - whose cameras battery died as we exited the car !!! Yep, so these photos are from the Blackberry . . .not great quality. . . but will work !! Plus my friend Gini was there with her fabulous camera snapping away . . . those are the good ones !!!

So here is the start outside of Green Valley Ranch Casino. . . they ran around the outside of their property. . . safe. . . which is nice !!! Sam has REALLY grown and looks me eye to eye . . just to give you all visuals !!!

Abby taking off. . . she is in white shirt, black and white shorts !! She looked strong and loves to run !!! Sammy is right behind Abby's head . . .

Sammy rounding the corner at the end . . probably mile 3 right now. . . he looks good. . . he looks strong. .. he looks tired . . . .
The thing with Sammy is we can ALWAYS tell when he is working hard. . . the red face gives it away everytime !!!

He finished in just over 26 minutes !!

Abby finishing up the course !! She looked great and finished in just under 30 minutes !!!

Turning the corner, heading for home. . . . she was just looking down the whole time !!!

At the awards, Abby ended up getting 4th in her age group. . . I went up to get her medal and they said where is Abby. . . I said "in the water at swim practice" . . . the whole placed just laughed and the announcer said what else are you gonna have her do today mom, build a house !!! Sammy got 6th, 16 seconds out of medal contention !!! Every second counts. . . .

I am so very proud of my kids. . . . I told them both I would run it with them next year !!! Supporting those who are dealing with a difficult situation and fighting to be Champions for Life !!! Thank you Danny Gans - we miss you . . . And Brandon, you are in my thoughts !!!!

Life is Good. . . .

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Depressed - - not really . . .more melloncolly (if that is even how you spell it)
Overworked - - on so may levels but mostly mentally
Job Suck - -not really, actually LOVE my job, just wish I didn't have to work
Unappreciated - - Really? You think?
Family Problems - - I would like anyone to say they don't. . .what family in this world is NOT disfunctional. . .
Money Worries - - well let's see, buy a house, owe ALOT, house worth A LITTLE, and after 30 years, we will still owe MUCH !!!! I think Obama is calling that "underwater" - - really? You think? Thank goodness I know how to swim !!!

I love my life. . . I love my husband. . . I love my kids. . . I love my dogs. . . I love my friends. . . LIFE IS GOOD !! But somedays you just wake up on the wrong side of happiness, you think about all your decisions in life and why you have made them, you think about your time, your efforts, your honestly, your openness, and you just wonder aloud. . . . REALLY?

Hugs to all, because I could use one right back . . . . Enough Said . . . .

Oh. . . ps. . . the DR at our work health fair today pretty much said I was gonna drop dead tomorrow !!! Tom, hope you are not reading this because I need to lower my cholorestol and stress level !!!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Great Swimming Weekend !!!
A swim meet could have not come at a better time for the Sauerbrei Family !! I have been super busy with Budget 2010 at work, kids have been restless with school and more importantly, they have been tired of Saturday Practices !!!
So we had a three day meet in Downtown Vegas !! Not the best location in the world, but very nice grass area to sit with swim families and enjoy the 100 degree weekend weather !!! I think the social aspect is so wonderful . . . not for the kids. . . for the parents !!!
My kids came to race - - that is how I will sum it up !! Both Sammy and Abby had outstanding times, outstanding efforts, and really just enjoyed themselves !!!
I had one of their coaches tell me today. . . . the proof is in the workout. . .the harder they work, the more time they will drop !!! Sometimes it is hard to get kids to understand this, but sometimes, it takes a meet like this to prove the point !!
Sammy tied for High Point ages 11-12 !!!

The Head Coach, Mike Polk, was very pleased with my knucklehead because just the week before, he kicked him out of practice for not listening and goofing around !!!

This makes three high point awards in a row for Sammy at this swimimng pool !!! We don't know why he goes fast here, maybe it is comfort, may the water is "fast", maybe it is the time of year. . . who knows, but he goes fast !!!
I only want to share one thing. . . . the 2009 Nevada State Championship Swim Meet . . ..


Abby got 4th in her 10 & Under age group and I couldn't have been more proud !! I literally only took aobut 5 photos all weekend, but she had big smiles on her face !!!
Way to go kids !!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

7 Things About Today . . .

I haven't updated this page in so long (thanks for reminding me Shannon everytime I see you), and that bothers me !! I love this kind of silly stuff, bragging about my kids, taking great photos of my kids, and sharing with friends and family !! I got in trouble at home for spending too much time on the computer so I backed away for awhile. . . I am making this promise to myself. . . I am going to make it work somehow, I am going to BLOG !!!! It makes me HAPPY !!!

Anyways - so I am going to start by sharing something I saw on a blog that was was cruising by. . . called THE 7 THINGS. . . here it goes. . .

7 Material Things I want to do in my lifetime. . .
1. Swim with the dolphins - - checked off, three summers ago in Hawaii
2. Go to Australia / New Zealand
3. Travel the USA in a decked out motorhome (retirement - ha, whenever that may be)
4. Go on an Alaskan Cruise
5. Cruise the Greek Islands
6. Go to an Olympic Events - either Winter (skiing) or Summer (swimming)
7. Own a convertible

7 Things I do daily. . .
1. Smile
2. Hug my kids
3. Curse like a truck driver
4. Think about friends and family
5. Annoy my husband
6. Be honest
7. Be anxious

7 Things I don't want to be doing now . . .
1. Gaining weight
2. Being sad for a friend
3. Working long hours
4. Being grumpy at home
5. Being conflicted about my volunteering
6. Stressing about my filthy my house is and not wanting to clean it
7. Paying a $500k mortgage on a house worth $250k !!!! And in 30 years, still owing $350k !!!

7 Celebrity Crushes . . . .
1. Matthew McConaughey
2. Lance Armstrong
3. Ryan Lochte
4. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
5. Simon Baker
6. Tony Stewart
7. Patrick Dempsey

7 Things I can't do . . .
1. Cook good - - although I try
2. Bake good - - although I try
3. Keep a clean house
4. Stop worrying about my son . . for various reasons
5. Stop over-extending myself
6. Figure out why people throw their cigerettes out the car window
7. Change the world. . . but I can tackle this list.

7 Things I want to be remembered as. . . .
1. A caring, dedicated, honest, helpful mommy
2. A caring, dedicated, honest, helpful wife
3. A caring, dedicated, honest, helpful friend
4. A caring, dedicated, honest, helpful mommy
5. A caring, dedicated, honest, helpful wife
6. A caring, dedicated, honest, helpful friend
7. Repeat the above 6 1,000 times because that is all that matters !!!

Love to all of you !!!! me