Friday, October 16, 2009


I found this photo amongst others. . . it was Christmas, and it was a treat for these two little guys to snuggle on the couch !!

Let me share. . . . .
TheY are our mutts . . . mixed breds (Labradoodles, but don't say that in front of Tom) they are half lab-poodle and half lab-poodle !!! Lab mix . . . Lab something . . just don't say poodle !!!

Buddy . . . the more yellow one on top . . that is Sammy's dog. He almost wasn't Sammy's dog as after 3 days of Buddy in the house, Sammy SWELLED up all over and was having a major allergy attack. Buddy almost was looking for a new home !! Thank goodness the allergies calmed down (well actually Sammy and Tom started allergy shots) !! Anywho, Buddy is a jewel . . loving, sweet, nervous, and PERFECT for Sammy. They bond so well, they just hang out together and they are just ONE. . . seriously, there could not have been a better dog for Sam !!! Buddy also looks more "lab" like, so I think Tom perfers him too !!!

Gunner . . .the more white one . . . oh Gunner !! He is Abigail's dog and again. . match made in heaven !!! He is high strung, hyper, active, ALWAYS has something in his mouth, and wants attention all the time !! Gunner gets the short end of the stick though, because he is always in trouble and I think Sammy . . . oh I mean Buddy. . just is laughing knowing he did all the dirty work !!! Like eating my plants, chewing my shoes, or grabbing an entire steak off the counter !!! Gunner is perfect for Abby !!!

How we got so lucky with the match. . . I don't know. . . by I saw this photo and it made me smile !! Dogs bring so much sunshine into a household. We had turtles, they didn't bring it. . . only dogs (or cats for you cat people) !!

So with that. . . I smile, and think how much my kids love their dogs, how much I loved my dogs as a kid, how thankful I am that we have them, and DAMNIT . . . STOP EATING MY PLANTS !!!

Life is Good. . . .

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Gini said...

I love your YOUR HOUSE. Too big for me girlie!!