Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Count them with me . . 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 OMG. . I can't stop !!!

Check out the frickin' rolls on my forehead !!! What the hell are those and when did they show up !!!!

This was a photo, taken on Tom's berry . . . we were at the UNLV Runnin' Rebels First Look - - an opportunity to look at the men's basketball team for the first time !! It was a really neat event, we all wore Rebel Red. . . we cheer with the cheerleaders, we clapped with the band, we chanted Reb-els, Reb-els, and we got to see Larry Johnson, former All American at UNLV under Coach Tark and former NBA player. And I only have one thing to say . . . HE IS A BIG MAN !!!

Abby got to see Chet Buchanan from the Morning Zoo radio station which is the one we listen too. Abby got to see the UNLV dance squad - - wish she wouldn't have - - and now wants to be a showgirl, I mean dance member !!!! Sammy didn't go as he was up in Boulder City at a friends house. . . a bunch of them went to the high school football game and then just hung out at his house. He was happy, we were happy !!!

Ok. . . so now that I have told you everything about the night, let's get back to these wrinkles/rolls/waves - whatever the frick they are on my head !!!! First, I have a confussion - - as I know Tom doesn't read this - - I have had Botox twice for my "grand canyon". Those are the 11's that run in the middle of your eyes. I always knew it was time to get it because Sammy would ask me "what's wrong mommy" and I would say nothing and he would say well you are frowning. . . and I wasn't !! So I snuck, twice, and got it !! It is a little pricey, but was worth it. And I am blessed because I only needed to update every 8 months !!!

Well . . . it has been a YEAR since my last appointment !! And it is obivious it is time again !!!!

Today, as I sit here - - I have a new hairstyle . . . it is called BANGS !!! Do you think people can see the ripples on the lake through my bangs???? Bangs are cheaper than Botox - - bangs make you look younger - - RIGHT ??????????

Life is Good. . .

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Gini said...

I am practically pee-ing myself reading this........