Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Depressed - - not really . . .more melloncolly (if that is even how you spell it)
Overworked - - on so may levels but mostly mentally
Job Suck - -not really, actually LOVE my job, just wish I didn't have to work
Unappreciated - - Really? You think?
Family Problems - - I would like anyone to say they don't. . .what family in this world is NOT disfunctional. . .
Money Worries - - well let's see, buy a house, owe ALOT, house worth A LITTLE, and after 30 years, we will still owe MUCH !!!! I think Obama is calling that "underwater" - - really? You think? Thank goodness I know how to swim !!!

I love my life. . . I love my husband. . . I love my kids. . . I love my dogs. . . I love my friends. . . LIFE IS GOOD !! But somedays you just wake up on the wrong side of happiness, you think about all your decisions in life and why you have made them, you think about your time, your efforts, your honestly, your openness, and you just wonder aloud. . . . REALLY?

Hugs to all, because I could use one right back . . . . Enough Said . . . .

Oh. . . ps. . . the DR at our work health fair today pretty much said I was gonna drop dead tomorrow !!! Tom, hope you are not reading this because I need to lower my cholorestol and stress level !!!!!

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