Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween . . . are we getting too old ????

You know it might be time to call it quits when you son doesn't wear a costume anymore. . . he just throws on a funny wig, his aviator glasses, grabs a pillow case and calls it good to go !!! Abby on the other hand still wants to dress up, still knows the Great Pumpkin comes to our house in 3 days and takes all the candy she hasn't eaten and gives it to the children who couldn't get any !!!

We had a great time cruisin' the neighborhoods of Boulder City with the Smith Family !!! Then we visited the Hubels to watch a movie . . . . well, to take a nap before driving home actually !!! Tom stayed home to hand out candy . . . and proceeded to get drunk with the neighbors !!! Gotta love those text messages . . . I'm on shot #3 . . . next one, I am officially drunk !!!

Life is good on the fall back November 1st. . . . .

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