Sunday, November 22, 2009


THE WORLD'S TOUGHEST TRIATHLON . . as quoted by THE MAN, Dave Scott !!!


A Sunday in the life of the Sauerbrei's . . . . Sunday, November 8th. . . the Sauerbrei family starts their day at 5 am, getting ready, along with 100 of their closest friends to become SILVERMAN . . . ha ha hee hee, VOLUNTEERS that is !!

The Silverman Triathlon is in their 5th year, and Frank Lowery (Race Director), we consider a friend. He supports the swim team, he supports the youth triathlon movement by hosting youth tri's and he is the one that got Sammy into swimming !! (THANKS FRANK) !! So BCH Parent Booster Club, lead by yours truly and her trusted Steed (Stud) Tom, lead the group of swim friends, swim kids, swim families, non-swim families, non-swim friends, and non-swim kids ! 100 people came out to help in two hour shift - - 100 people !!! From 10 am to 10 pm, I saw faces with smiles, I got hugs, I got laughter, I got friendship !! 100 people who support athletes, who support friendship, who support family, who support community !!! I tell you what, it was an outdoor, all day party !! What a good time !! Her is my favorite girl, ready to rock and roll before anyone came through. . . .

It was an amazing day. . .

Some liked to be close to the action . . . (um, aren't they standing on a wall ???)

Others just like to ham it up !!!!

We did this for Coach Bob Swift. A BCH Swim Coach for over, geez, I don't know how many years, maybe 10 !! He is an amazing man. Just short of 60, he has done this race all 5 years !! The kids were sssssoooooo excited to see him !! Our booth had about 6 signs, all saying GO TRI GATOR (his nickname), GO COACH BOB !! He did not have a very good day this day, but he knows he was supported by HIS team, HIS swimmers, HIS friends, HIS community !!! Bob, we are proud of you !!

I felt good this day. I felt good because one, I gave back. I gave back to strangers who were doing something I will never do, who were pushing themselves to a level I will never know and I can only dream about. I did exercise this day. . . I ran up the hill once to chase a wheelchair athlete who wanted a banana but one of our kids didn't peel it in time, and I ran up the hill once when guy wanted some soda but he dropped it before he could drink it . . so I think I ran maybe 200 yards. . . but I SPRINTED !!!! And then I passed out on the ground !!!!

No one reads my silly little blog, and it doesn't bother me . . . . I love life, I LOVE MY FRIENDS AND MY FAMILY, I support those things around me . . IN DIFFICULT TIMES and in the best of times !!! If that means giving up a Sunday, to get up at 5 am, to stand of the side of Horizon Ridge Road, to have no less than 4 of my coworkers see me with a bright neon yellow shirt, funny bobber ear things, red, white and blue necklaces, screaming for strangers (and Bob) as they pass through my station, so be it !!

My friend Kyle brought me, Tom and Henry hot cocoa at 9 pm because he thought we would be cold !! A 17 year old kid brought ME, he thougth of ME, cocoa. . . that made the whole day worth it !!!! Small things people, it is about the small things !!!


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Carol L said...

I love your blog - although Ihave to play catch up when I read it. Loved this event and the organizers! You put into words much of what we feel and are too self absorbed to share.