Friday, December 11, 2009

Today . . . I am Sad (FFF version 3)

Fast Friend Friday, version 3 . . . to my friend Gini Herbst !!!

I shed a tear today because Gini and her family are moving today !! Today !! Friday, December 11th, 2009 !! Today . . . I do not say good-bye, because I will chat with her again, she will follow my blog, she will be on Facebook . . . . but, it is so long !! I won't be able to hug my friend, I won't be able to look her in the eye, directly in the eye and tell her that I LOVE YOU, that I AM HERE FOR YOU, that YOU ARE MY FRIEND !! Yes, she will know that forever, but looking someone in the eye, makes all the difference in the world !!!

So. . . . let me share some things about Gini . . . .

Batman, Robin and the Joker !!!
Woody, Bulleyes, and Jessie !!!
SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward !!
These are my sidekicks . . . me, Gini and Kyle !! Me, Gini and Kyle have spent endless hours on the phone, on emails, in person, coordinating the largest project as of late . . . Nevada State Swimming Championships !! (and people, we are VERY tired here in this photo) People don't understand how we can work together, people don't understand OCD and Type A personalities, people don't see how many hours, pain and suffering we all endured, people don't see the toil it took both on ourselves, but also on our family !!! And I don't care that people don't get it . . . my friends got it, my friends understood, my friends stood by my side and helped, my friends didn't have to ask, they just did !!! These two sidekicks, or one leader and two sidekicks, or 3 leaders working together, we had each others backs - - and we always will !!!!! We all did what we did for THE KIDS !! No other reason ! We did our best, we supported each other, and we were a success !!! This is the most recent Gini, the one multi-tasking, having check lists, running around like crazy, wanting the best and only the best from those around her . . .
Gini, Type A and I love it !!!

See this Gini, Gini is a really funny lady !! Gini can laugh at herself !! I have written it before, "if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at !" Gini liked to laugh !! Whether it was just her spirit, or it was how she coped, she laughed !! She smiled !! She made me laugh and smile !!! Gini opened her home to everyone she met, she gave everyone the benefit of the doubt, she trusted all, and she loved sharing !!! Gini taught me and told me, over and over, laugh often !! And I think over the past 4 years, I have learned to laugh more, thank you Gini !! Thank you for making me be a tin-foil car, for making me smile, for making me laugh !!

Gini is also a kind soul !!! Gini protects children !! She watched out for MY KIDS !!! Here she is riding a silly ride at Disneyland with my Abby - who was scared to go on any rides (nothing like a little anxiety issues). Gini didn't make fun of Abby, she didn't say oh don't be scared . . what she did was hold her hand, she told her hey Abby, I will go on this ride with you, she made her feel comfortable, she made MY KID feel ok !!! She didn't have to do that, she could have rode Space Mtn another 10 times, but she stopped, saw a hurting/scared child, and she opened her heart !!! Gini does everything in life for kids . . . her kids, other kids, strangers kids !! She was PTA VP, she was BCH Swim Team VP, she fought for kids, for fair treatment for kids, whether her kids or not !! Now, her kids were always #1 - rightfully so - but those other kids around her, they were a close second !!!

This is Gini - - this is how I will remember her face !!! Gini LOVES her family, and the look on her face . . .that is what I will remember. Everyone is different in life . . .every friend is different. If we tried to make all friends the same, imagine how boring our life would be. Gini was the friend to me that she could be. . . I never asked for more, I never asked for less. I just asked her to be herself and not be afraid to be that person !!!

Gini . . . may our paths cross again, may you find peace and happiness with this move, may you enjoy being close to the ones that love you most - your family, may you never forget where you came from because it will help you not make the same mistakes again, may you remember that a friend gives what they can and asks for nothing else, may you remember that GARRIN LOVES TRISH (but only when his momma isn't in the room), may you share Conners intensity on the soccer field as you go through life, may you keep Hananh's smile close to your heart everyday, may you smile when you think of the silliness we all shared, may you laugh someday at all the craziness, may you remember Sammy as a 12 year old red-haired boy who you winked at and you smiled often to, may you remember Abby as a scared little girl who you made feel comfortable and understood that she so wants to be a big girl, may you remember the BBQ's, the party's, the swim meets, the travel, the trials, the tribulations . . . may you remember it all, look back and smile, and maybe even wink . . . . . . I will, and a small tear will come down my face . . .

I love you more than Jellyfish !!
Always your sidekick and damn proud to be !!

Life is Good . . . . but today, just a little sad . . . .

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Gini said...

It is Christmas night as I read this. It is the first moment I have had since December 11th to actually sit down and absorb things. I have been numb to the world thinking only of how I can get through each day of this new venture. Now that I am "here" in mind and spirit, I read this and absorb....

This move brings only distance - never change. What we experienced together will never be forgotten, only remembered during times I need to feel everything you described here in this post. I had a life here for 36 years before my 9 years there. While I may have come "home" - the time I spent there will most definitely be the most memorable! Thanks in part for sure, to you.

Thanks for this post. Thanks for your honesty. Thanks for your friendship.

Lots of love back to you always. xoxoxo