Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas. . . oh Merry Part Tres . . . the fun !!

So, referring back to yesterdays "the kids" post, the longboard was a huge hit !! This is a road by our house that I drove up and down no less than a handful of times toting my two "boys" and their boards !!! As you can see the big kid had as much fun as the other big kid !!! And big kid #1 form isn't half bad. . . . so here they go about 1/4 of the way down the road. . . it is a road to the water treatment plant that is never traveled but is very clean so great for longboarding !!!
Now, before all you mothers out there start giving me a hard time. . . on the third run, Sam INSISTED on taking off his helmet for the photo op because he didn't want to look stupid with a helmet on for all to see !! Love that word, stupid. . . how about ALIVE or NOT SCRAPED !!! Anywho. . . check out this sequence where the camera almost go the best of him. . . .

HOLD ON !!!!

"Wow Mom, did you see how close I was to eatin' it !!!" Um, yes Sam, I sure did !! Get your frickin' helmet on and continue with your fun !!!!

Helmet on. . . fun continued . . . beautiful view of the Las Vegas Valley below. It is amazing people think Vegas is a flat desert, but it really has some rolling hils and some mountains that surround us. . . hence, VALLEY !!!

Then day two of fun included a trip to Lee Canyon (Mt. Charleston) which you can see in the above picture on the right hand side. It is our small local ski resort and it has some neat areas of snow play. . . .

Here goes Abigail . . . .
Aren't I just the cutest little thing. . . . until my feet got cold and wet and I whined and I went to the truck and drank cocoa and ate donuts !!!! Oh wait, I wasn't talking about me now was I, sorry, I digressed. . . . Abby. . she was fine and had fun !! Sorry lost focus for a second !!
This is her buddy Alondra who she swims with and hangs out with on occassion. Her family consists of 2 older swimmer brothers so we get to visit with them lots and love it !!!
Here is Sam crashing with the oldest brother Andre !!! They doubled on a sled that barely held one !! Sam face planted but was all smiles and laughing !!! Good times !!!
Solo run for Sam, watch out for the T . . . R . . . E . . . EEEEEEEEE !!!
"Awe Mom, you worry too much !" Yes son, yes I do, and so does your coach !! I can't imagine that call . . . um coach, Sammy skipped practice today, sorry about that, but we wanted to have some family time bonding along with the Lelles', Grothe's, and Tucuyan's (all swim families), and he and Andre crashed and well, they were sledding and um, he broke his leg, arm, face . . . . . . UGH !! Sam, let me remind you that Junior Olympics are one month away !!! Where is your plastic bubble and when did I release you ?!??!?!?!

So moral of our Christmas 3 part story . . . . Live, Love, Laugh . . . what else is there to do !! You can't make everyone happy, you can't sit and pity ones self or ones situation, you have friends, you have life. . . . ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN !!!
Life is good. . . .
But very cold on this day . . . . . sorry, I digress again. . . .

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Carol L said...

Love it and memories for ever - did Tom get a board too or already have one - or another gift he bought before you could (: