Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas . . . of Merry Part Two . . the morning

So Merry Christmas Part Two . . . this is the morning. . .the morning of the "score" as my kids like to call it !! It was much less of a score this year and I actually really liked that my kids understood that and were ok with that. They also understood that Grandma's, Papa's, Auntie's and Uncle's always send money, so if they didn't get exactly what they wanted. . . THEY COULD GO BUY IT THEMSELVES !!! Novel idea hu?

So here is Sam's stocking from Santa complete with new swim caps, swim googles, Speedo suit wash (every 12 year old boy asks Santa for that), swim gear bag, Speedo Fastskin (that was a hit, thanks Santa), and then of course the necessary bandaids, body wash, deodorant, socks, belt, and Halls Fruit Breezers !!! I think Santa was quite practical this year !! And of course, Sam's dog Buddy had his own stocking and Santa brought him his own bone this year !!!!! Too cute if I do say so myself !!!
Abigail'st stockign could have mirrored her brothers, but there was much more PINK !! Here highlights included BLUE and GREEN nailpolish (which was specifically on the list to Santa), a soup bowl for school, swim cap, swim googles, swim suit, swim google bungies, hair clips, bobbie pins, and then not to be outdone, we have the XO Soft Chip Clips (???), body wash, nail file, nail clippers, Campbell's soup container, Ricola's for good measure, and her favorite, a mini egg frying pan that Santa must have seen at Albertson's like she did every week !!! Gunner's stocking was equiped with his bone and he loved it !!
The tree and the stockings. . . . oh yeah, Dad's stocking had a huge bottle of VOX vodka, a new shirt, iTunes gift card, and chapstick. Mom's, it had cotton puffs . . . quote from Tom . . . "we have to do better with Santa on Mom's stocking next year!" Each year . . . it is the same quote and the scariest thing, I hear my dad saying the same thing in my head 30 years ago !!! Mom's do get the short end !!!
Sam has (of course) his new Speedo bag !! Does this Christmas, and the last 4 Christmas' have a theme !!! Speedo stock should go up just from the Sauerbrei's !!!
Sam's Papa Harley sent him the COOLEST long board skateboard and Sam LOVED it !!! I mean, that is an honest smile !!! It is one of a kind, as the wood changes with each board and it has a serial number to register online !! Check back tomorrow for long board photos !!!
Couldn't open it fast enough !!!
Abigail enjoyed a new pair of REAL Uggs from Grandma Harley. She thought those were pretty cool !!!! And check out the cute peace braclet that was in the box too. . . Abby has only taken it off for swim practice !!!
This was Abby's "aw ha" moment when she realized the 3 cardboard boxes stacked up on the side of the living room weren't trash, but her new desk !!!! It literally took her 30 minutes and then the tear started coming down her face and we had to tell her !!! It was #1 on her list to Santa . . . she was surprised !!!
And then mom's #1 score to Abby . . . a pair of clear, plastic Chuck Taylors (converse shoes). She got tons of colored socks and those are now her favorite shoes !! I love the expressions of amazement . . . she had no clue !!!
So that wrapped it up . . . . Tom enjoyed a new GPS for his truck (that he bought himself 3 weeks ago), he enjoyed a new MP3 for swimming (that he bought himself) and didn't like the Keurig I got him, so that went back !!!! And I keep the cash !!!!

I enjoyed a new iPod touch, which I bought myself and some accessories for it from Sam and some earrings from Abby !!!
It was a very nice, casual, relazing, quiet Christmas. Time to relax, reflect (just a little) and enjoy our family of 4 !!!
I hope this helps those family members who are away and still can be a part of our Christmas through some photos and a few words . . . but you know me, more words that photos !!! But, I wouldn't be me if it was any other way . . . . .

Life is Good. . . . .

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