Thursday, December 24, 2009

'Twas the Nite before Christmas . . . .

And the lights are strung, the tree is trimmed, there are cookies in the oven, the dogs (and their sister Roxy) are fast asleep on their beds, Tom took the the kids to get the last minute "mommy" gift for Christmas . . . . and I sit here. . . wishing I had more time, wishing I had more energy !!

There was so much I wanted to get done and didn't get done. . . but, I can't change that now. My house is decorated to a minimum, but my favorite things are out . . . my favorite garland is on the banister, favorite Santa's are on the TV stand, favorite ornaments are on the tree. I found a shirt, btw a really cool shirt, I forgot to send to my mom - gotta love that !! I balanced out the Christmas gifts to ensure we had "equality" with the kids !! I wrapped the two gifts Tom bought for himself before I had the opportunity to buy them for him . . . . gotta love that even more !! Wrapped the Keurig for Tom, with the 60 cup variety pack and individual filter . . . just in case he wants Folgers instead of some fancy coffee !! Abby will love it because it makes cocoa !!

No one is here this year at our home . . . folks are at my brothers (they were just here a few weeks ago), Tom's family is all at their homes, my friends - - one has moved, one is in Israel (hence the visiting Roxy), one is in Florida visiting Mickey, three are at their homes (they are locals) with their families, and others. . . . quietly doing what they do over the holidays. We are having the traditional Cheney Christmas Eve dinner of spaghetti and french bread . . . don't really know where that tradition came from, but my kids LOVE it !!
Making cookie for Santa right now. . . kinda cool that Abby still believes, or wants to believe !!! Looking at my Christmas flowers on my table that each year I buy for myself . . . Sam asked me why did I buy them, and I said. . . because they are beautiful and I love flowers !!!

I truly hope everyone has a blessed, happy, healthy Christmas !!! The holidays are smack upon us . . . they will go fast, just like life these days !!!

Life is good . . . .

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Gini said...

Life IS good Trish. I feel the peace you are feeling in this post. Glad Christmas Eve was all you wanted it to be!!