Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So my mother-in-law is here for a week !! I get very conflicting feelings with her here to be honest . . . I love that . . . .

My Patio Window Has Never Been Cleaner !!!
My Fridge Has Never Been More Organized !!!
And My Laundry Is Neatly Stacked In Mis-Matched Piles !!!!
However I draw the lines when it comes to life lessons for my children. That is my job, Tom's job, and we are the one's sculpting the mindset of our two little ones. Which, in and amoungst itself, it a very scary thought !!
So last night, we were enjoying the wonderful weather and had dinner outside on our wonderful new patio table !! Talk is light, laughting etc. and Sammy asks, what do you think Robert (grandma's oldest grandson, Sammy's cousin from MN, 19 years old, and who has gotten in a little trouble for some graffiti issues at a skate park) does at work ? Abby pipes up without missing a beat "community service!" I almost died laugthing. We all laughted !!
So Sammy, ever so the question man that he is, asks "did that stay on his record." And I say, yes, it is on his permanent record. Anytime you do something to someone else or someone elses property it will be with you forever, so don't EVEN think about graffiti, because I will kill you. We all giggle, point spoken, point taken . . . everything you do has consequences so think before you do them !! End of story right. . . . WRONG !!
Grandma pipes in. . . in oh so important voice . . . "No, that's not right, Sharon (grandma's daughter, Roberts mom) said that they plea bargined and . . . "STOP - Carolyn" I shout as I give her the look of death !!! She continues, "no your wrong, Sharon said it will go away . . . "CAROLYN - STOP" this time Tom and I both say it at the same time . . . I look at Tom and give him the look of if you ever want another Saturday morning while the kids are at practice special, you better get her to stop !! "But the DA bargined and he won't" . . . "OH MY GOD - ENOUGH" . . . again Tom and I say it in unison . . this time Tom puts his hands out like calling a runner safe and says Mom, please. . . ok. . . I am not frickin' kiddin' this goes on for 3 minutes - - that woman wanted the last word no matter what !!! So final, during her last "he won't be in trouble" I yelled CAROLYN, I KNOW YOU WANT THE LAST WORD BUT SHUT UP - -NO MORE !!!
And with that, I turn to my ever so deer in the headlight looking son and say "Yes Sammy, it WILL stay on your permanent record !!!"
Am I gonna make it to Sunday. . . that is all I am asking here???????
Life Is Good !!!

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Gini said...

I like how you end the posts with "Life is Good". I love for that - seeing the good after all is said and done.

And dang...talk about "said". Wow. Good luck until Sunday!

Hey is she available to come over and get MY house ready for the party on Saturday....without saying a word....????