Thursday, July 23, 2009

Historical Visit !!


When for a drive to the Hoover Dam last night to check out the bypass that is being built !!! First thing that came to my mind was OMG . . . look how low the lake is !!! It really put a pit in my stomach . . stickening low !! The water is usually up to the walkway on those intake pillars !!!

This is the first close up thing we see. . . I wish we could have stopped more on the way down to take more photos, but there really isn't a place to stop . . . AND Tom was driving !!!

This project has been in the works for YEARS now, and this is the first time we got to see it !!! INCREDIBLE sums it up !! The sheer magnitude of it all was amazing !! Our friend Bill Herbst posted a photo on Facebook with the gap just a little open, and that is what finally got us up here !!!

I am more glad the kids got to see this first hand !! They were both amazed, in awwwww, asking a frickin' boat load of questions, and Sammy must have taken 50 photos on his phone !!! This is historic, I am glad we took them !! We were standing on 80 year old concrete, a true engineering marvel, looking out at another engineering marvel !!!

I think I am going to take the kids back a do a tour !!! Sammy really wants a helicopter ride and I really want to be refreshed on my Dam history !!! The craziest thing. . . it is only 10+ minutes from the house. . . whole different world than Las Vegas !!!

I am glad we took the kids. . . wish we would have gone sooner . . . but they will remember that for a long time to come !!! My mother-in-law loved it and got right home and went on the computer to research it !!!

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Gini said...

I would really like to head out there to see the new bridge. I am sure it is something to marvel at....I might wait until it is a little cooler and I feel like walking around there. Glad the kids enjoyed it.