Sunday, July 19, 2009

Welcome Back . . Where Did I Go . . .

Yes, I was all gungho to blog, and then bam. . . I didn't continue !! So here is my effort again !! I like Facebook, I like to talk (aka brag) about my kids and how much they mean to me, I like to express myself through photos and comments !!!

So we are just going to start today . . . and go from there !!! Who's with me . . . I know Gini is. . . anyone else wanna play . . . .

Today . . it was a mild 105 in Vegas today which means it was about 110 where we live and play !!! It was hot !! On top of that. . . we had an outdoor swim meet this weekend !! Usually, I am in love with outdoor swim meets because photos are so much better outside but this weekend, I could have passed !!

Sammy was sick Saturday with the 24 hour flu - yuck !!! He swam Sunday but really wasn't himself. Abby was trying for more Junior Olympic times - - came close - - dropped time - - just not enough !! So we leave this meet with Sammy max'd with JO times and Abby has 2 !!! Go kids !!

Here are some photos !!!
"Bring It To Me Water !!"
Great Start !!
See why I like outdoor photos !!!
Backstroke - - least favorite stroke !!
50 FLY - hung on to take 1st, but added a full second - - not feeling well !!
Just wanted to show him that he does has good form. . .
when he wants to !!!
So that was the weekend. . .full of sun, naps, swim friend fun, and lots of time on the computer !! Tom thinks I am addicted to the computer these days, but oh well, it makes me smile !! Grandma Beach is here - - Tom's mom - - for a week and then we head to the Summer Junior Olympics for a week !! Yippie !!!
My goal. . . to try and post when I can . . . stick with me !!!
Life is good !!!

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Gini said...

Yes. Welcome back. With you here...when ever...sister!

Great post. Hey you did what I did. Swim meet and NAP!! Except the nap part was more like - COMATOSE for an hour or so. Gosh that sun what hot!

Great photo's as usual and thanks for the pics of Connor adding time...ooops...I mean of my beautiful son Connor!! tee hee