Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday Night Special !!

What a great time the family had on Saturday Night !!! Swim family friends, the Herbsts, who always throw an incredible party, celebrated their daughter turning 12 !!! Well, I guess it started a little sooner than the party . . . Abby and I took Hannah for a pedicure and nail treatment before the party so she could look extra special for the big night !!
There were so many funny moments, so many ah ha moments, and so many moments that blurrrr together !! One thing is for sure. . . we are surrounded by a GREAT bunch of friends !! Our extended family, our swim family, makes these nights even more special ! The kids all play, laugh, talk, and more importantly, the adults all play, laugh and talk !!! Great times by all . . . here are some highlight. . . .

Sammy cracking up at Andre on the neighborhood scavenger hunt (game #1) !! I have not idea what was going on, but he had the giggles so bad !!

Game #2, wrap a friend/gulliable one with foil in some sort of design !! Abby was some superhero figure on some cartoon with a peace belt buckle. . .that is all I remember !!! Great game, kids had a blast. . .some more than others (aka Rudy) !!!!

Ok, above and below . . . well. . . I will give you the short version. . . This is Jean, Mel's mom, she was an age group swimmer - - and a pretty darn good one too - - and shares what with us often !!! She lives vicariously through her daughter and is probably known in the swim community as "the psycho one." Jean has broken her ankle while running up and down the pool yelling at Mel, and has gone into the pool fully chothed with purse and all !!! Enough said. . . This is Jean trying to clear the pool so the kids will go play games !! Yes, Jean, in black flying through the air ......... AND ........

This is Jean. . . clearing the pool !!! OMG - enough said . . . . only Jean !!!

This was the skits !!! We, Laura Hubel, Carol Lelles, and me, were migdets at a car wash !! Guess what ???? I was the car !!! My tinfoil front bumper, heatlights out of yellow construction paper, plates as wheels, Carol getting ready to squeegie my face, you can't see Laura but she is strubbing my back side, I have an atenna on my shoulder, and break lights on my ARST !!! we sang car wash, working at the car wash yea !! Too much frickin fun. . . I was laughing, crying and sweating so much I hurt all over !!!!
Even Tom got into the act with Bill Herbst, Ron Hubel and another swimmer dad !! They were emergency workers - - - let's just say it involved a diaper and duct tape !!!!
And for the GRAND FINALE. . . . host Gini Herbst, Jean Harris, and Jennifer Pulido wrapped it all up with "I'm too sexy for my skirt" and again, OMFG . . . I had tears in my eyes !!! I love people who can laugh at themselves, because like I say. . . if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at !!!
Over 80 friends including kids were in attendance !! The Herbsts are SAINTS in all our eyes because I can barely handle my own kids going crazy !!!! And the incredible thing about these parties. . . pretty much alcohol free !! Good times, good friends, big smiles, sore bellies from laughing !!!! We love the Herbst Family. . Bill, Gini, Hannah, Conner, Garrin and Lucy . . . . we love them all !!!!

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